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    Beyond the guest forums....


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    Beyond the guest forums....

    Post  Wiccanthyme on Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:11 am

    Merry Meet dear guest to Magickal Moments.
    This place was created to share with others the wonderful path of wicca and paganism and to grow and learn with others as the journey can be a lonely one at times (although sometimes we are meant to be alone for finding out about ourselves, our path and our own internal power)

    Beyond these little boards here is a world of knowledge, hopefully fun and interesting things to learn, read, try out for yourself and a place to record your journey, take some courses (all free) and to expand your own mind about your own path.

    We like all traditions as long as it harms none and we welcome everyone that wants to meet others to walk the path with.

    Sign up and see for yourself! The coven membership pages are not open to anyone currently as work is still being completed on degree lessons. Each degree is hand written and created by Wiccanthyme and Lavender Rose but due to other life commitments its taking longer than we hoped to get each degree in place.

    We have decided that this is just meant to be, and the higher powers will give us the go ahead when the time is right and not before! in the meantime we would love to get to know you and have you wander the halls of Magickal Moments with us!

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